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A usually cylindrical airtight metal container usually made of tin-coated iron, in which foods or beverages are preserved.
by Parallax May 26, 2003
25 11
Scottish Terms:

1/ A term for a person of an overweight/obese nature. (Usually female)
2/ The term a male would use about wanting to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex.
1/ "Look at her, shes a fat can"
2/ "Aye mate, i would well can her"
by The man next door. July 01, 2009
13 7
A woman's large round breasts
I can tell Annie's got nice cans when she's wearing a t-shirt.
by Jose Oliva Rocha September 28, 2007
26 21
1. the head

2. a toilet

3. jail

4. to dismiss somone from employment
If I end up being late to work again, I will get canned for sure.
by Light Joker December 27, 2004
48 43
A Clown Ass Nigga.
"Kids a C.A.N."

"C.A.N. Central up in this bitch!"

Jerry: "You see Tom at the party last night?"

Matt: "Yeah, fuckin' C.A.N."
by urmotherlikesithard November 14, 2010
5 2
australian, n, gaol,
also beer
he's in the can cuz he was on the can
by herbie August 25, 2004
9 6
1. Silencer for a gun
2. Noisy Exhaust on a "Ricer"
1. No one heard Leroy bust a cap in that foo's ass, Leroy had a can on his gat and did it ninja styles.

2. That's not an indy car it's just a ricer with a cheap can.
by Leroy White April 20, 2003
18 15