A usually cylindrical airtight metal container usually made of tin-coated iron, in which foods or beverages are preserved.
by Parallax May 26, 2003
The "can" is an inferior fighter or player (often an unknown or one with a poor record) that is set against the favorite solely for the purpose of losing and making the latter look good. Comeback fights are often against cans.
I'm not going to bother watching the Crocop fight, he's up against some can and it's only going to last 30 seconds.
by author February 02, 2007
Large headphones usually circumaural in design, mostly worn by audiophiles.
These cans sound amazing
by nff May 09, 2008
slang for tits or boobies
She's got some nice cans.
by eleet hacker February 11, 2005
(Bay Area) adj.weak, not strong, to belong in a garbage can (trash)
You heard the new whoompty whoomp? Yeah nigga, that shit is can!
by Big Kolah March 27, 2005
you can find food in them at grocery stores.
i bought some cans of antelope today at wallmart.
by fruity chunks December 22, 2005
1) The rear end of a human being, typically female, but sometimes male as well. see ass

2) When used in association with "it" can means to shut up, or to stop talking.

3) A typically round, metal container, that may carry a beverage or other fluids or solids.

4) A word that has since become rarely used, meaning toilet.

5) An object in the backyard children's game kick the can

6) International short form for Canada. Used only in upper case letters: CAN
1) Look at the can on that hoe!

2) Can it, bitch.

3) Yo G, hook me up with a can of coke

4) I'll be right back. I gotta go to the can.

5) Kenny kicked the can. You're all free to go.

6) While watching an international hockey game, the score might say CAN - 5, SWE - 2
by Paul September 25, 2004

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