shrewd, careful
the canny ho stole ma shit stained jeans... -tears-
by AsadZero2 October 12, 2011
A white man of African appearance, with a permanent moustache, resembling a Dirty Sanchez.
Often spotted wearing skirts and peach or salmon coloured tight T-shirts.
by Canny Likes Kent January 21, 2009
Comes from the world famous Counter-strike Source player - cAnnY, he was so skilled with the AK/M4 & AWP he could one bullet any head from any distance. Comes from the UK underground scene where he's transferring his skills onto new and upcoming players.
<source-player1> "woah, did you see that canny shot? thats going to make me e-famous!"


<source-player2> "OMG i just got canny one bulleted, what a lucker!"
by matt tehpro June 12, 2007
Canny is where you are neither fit or a minger but you are in the middle.
But do not make the mistake this one girl made when she tried to copy Hannah and say that he was cannied.
that just went wrong
Kelly "Yea well that boy you like hes more canny then fit"

Hollie "hes been cannied"
hannah " you cant say that"
by tractor_girl June 21, 2004

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