When a guy jerks off and shoots the load in his own face.
guy 1: Hey, I'm going to jerk off.
guy 2: OK. Don't forget your cannonball goggles.
by Kevin Dean Nicewanger April 17, 2006
a term that refers to a man's balls that have the abilty to teabag toilet water.

When a man's balls have lost their abilty to gravitate just slightly below their own penis.

A penis where the testicles have become so heavy they resemble a streched out piece of taffy
As Christian sat on the toilet his cannon balls tea bagged the toilet water.
by Pickerson July 20, 2010
Cannonball is to be said when your about to blow dual clouds of smoke. It is when you hit the weed either during or right after smoking goo1z. Ideally the word 'cannonball' should be drawn out like "Cannnnonnnballll". Much like when your jumping in water. A thrilling experience !
And then I heard "Cannonball" and the Big Bright Ideas started !
by Jayare a.k.a. goo1z June 09, 2008
Taking a hit from a cigarette or blunt and while holding in the hit take a few swigs from a bottle of liquor or a beer, then exhale.

==A great way to get messed up quick, and show off you your skills.
Cig in one hand, bottle in the other. watch this guys (inhale) Drink (Exhale) CANNON BALL!!!!!
by whiteshadow` April 01, 2008
When you take a bong hit of a newport 100, then pound an entire 40 oz of olde english
Man did u see that scumbag do that cannonball.
by Adam Smirti May 20, 2007
A process where a man loads his jap's eye with cheap caviar (lump fish eggs work well) and gets his lady to go down on him. This ensures she's so repulsed by the taste of the caviar that ensuing man eggs will taste sweet in comparison.
Her: Slurp, EWWWW!
Him: "You just been Cannon Balled baby".
by ball2345 January 07, 2010
To propel a used condom towards someone or a group of people
I was misbehaving in PE so the teacher cannonballed me.
by Eddy The Hero July 21, 2008

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