Awesome and amazing guy. Always there for you... and will do anything he can to make you happy. Extremely good looking and a flirt. The perfect boyfriend and the guy that every girl goes to for comfort and advice. Cannons are usually the dreamy guy that every girl would kill to have... but they never admit it to his face. He is always the one you want to be snuggling with because he knows how to handle a girl.
Girl 1: Who's the new guy?

Girl 2: I don't know... but he's gorgeous.

Cannon: Hey ladies (flashes a smile), I saw you too radiating beauty and I had to come introduce myself. I'm Cannon.

Girl 1: (whispers)- figures, Cannons are always the hot ones.
by the human britannica October 07, 2010
Quality gamer that causes bulletholes and blunt force trauma to ingame opponents.
hey that dude killed a lot of zombies...
yeah he's a cannon!
by tytass October 05, 2010
A large calibre handgun that is much more powerful then what is necessary for self defense, and carried as a phallic symbol. Examples include the: .44 magnum, .45 ACP, .45 GAP, 454 Casull, 460 Remington, .50 AE, or a 50 SW.
I pulled my cannon, and fired six shots.
by Robertino October 16, 2005
big round booty
(girl with big butt walks by)

De'von: She got a CANNON!
by champagneforever July 10, 2008
A Person that is a very funny person, a rare name given by some, and those who possess it, will be remembered by all. A all in all nice guy, powns at games, and a great lover to all women.
Jeffrey: dang i wish my name was cannon, mine is soo plain and original.

Sally: Yeaa, i wish your name was cannon as well.
by Some Koreann June 26, 2010
1. Exclamation or celebratory outburst when one is victorious.

2. Exaltation of ones own superiority or skill.
1. After he knocked his opponent unconscious, the martial artist was heard to yell "CANNON!"

2. When asked how he was able to build muscle so quickly, the bodybuilder said, "because I'm a CANNON!"
by Brautwurst Lovechild September 25, 2005
a person whose guns have outgrown the word 'gun', and become known as cannons
andy: get a load of the guns on mr d
steve: those arent guns, those are fkn CANNONS!
by holmesinho January 22, 2007

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