a variety of canned foods,including,all the chef boy r d products,spam,treet,vienna sausages,potted meat,ham spread etc.
we have all seen the canned ass at the grocery store and we thought no one eats it. we ate canned ass for lunch because we are locked in that fuckin building all night.
by yetti April 07, 2003
Top Definition
when your ass is so nice it could be canned and sold
like canned peaches
damn look at that canned ass
by zserh November 03, 2005
Nickname for a pale skinned, parasitic, liberal twot. She is a ho, if you have the dough. Don't fall hard for her after you pump a load in her snapper, she has a habit of jumping from guy to guy in a heartbeat. I would also like to add that she gives lousy blow jobs(so-I have been told).
*See: Candace In Brockport/Ghettos-ville Rochester.
by J.R. Cahoon June 28, 2004
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