Masturbating/Wanking with a condom on.
Person 1: "Got any condoms?"
Person 2: "Why?"
Person 3: "I need a cank, that's why!"
by pozjh June 07, 2010
Top Definition
Abbreviation of cankles.
An ebonics phrase used by black folk (or people who believe that they too, are black)to describe the fatty build up around the lower area of their legs. You see, little one, the morbidly obese have no differentiation between their calves and ankles, therefore "CANKLES" or CANKS for short.
M-giggly: B-doc, you can't wear those flood pants when we go to the carnival!
B-Doc: Well Why the jizzle-dizzle not?
M-giggly: your canks be showin! youz nasty! Im gonna get me some watermelon and biscuits!
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 20, 2004
For purposes of modern slang, the word was originally developed as a combination of the words COCK and CUNT for the radio show "Taste of the Goods." CUNK sounded too much like CUNT for radio. CANK made a better sound for a non gender specific insult involving the genetalia. The final meaning of "cank" is dumb, and doesn't speak (as when arrested), and this stems from old english theives slang. It is also exactly what happens when someone has a cank in their mouth.
I enjoy eating cank.
Don't be such a cank.
I'll bet they have HUGE canks.
My cank should meet your cank.
by Johnson Rice April 17, 2004
U.S Military slang, meaning to cancel summarily
If you don't shape up corporal, I will cank your promotion.
by PJNevada March 23, 2009
A woman which is both a cunt and a skank.
Dang look at that rusty ass cank!!!
by Asia kimm December 09, 2011
a blend of the words WANK and CACK, to mean something is bad, or doesn't look good.
"Tash you need a new bag, your's is ugly.."
Tash replies.."yeah i know, this bag is CANK!"
by Coco/Tash July 10, 2008
A nonviolent, attractive gang of girls who are sexually active, usually between the ages of 11-18. Also can be used as a reference to something cool.
Carley: "Let's hang with cank."
Allie: "I wish I was a cank."
Nikki: "That ride is cankin'!"
Kim: "We could cank that."
by CankGurl May 30, 2010
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