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a new official sport that combines the dead baby leg can-can, hopscotch, jumprope, jumping beans, jumping jacks, and trampoline.

This sport can be made various ways, but is most effective when used with baby legs and/or unborn fetus legs.

See baby legs, fetus, cancancanyoudothecancan, and abortion fun.
Man, can that fetus ever canhopjumpbeansjacktrampoline! National championship FTW!

Damn, that baby be ownin' all them other babies at canhopjumpbeansjacktrampoline homie.

Dude, you know how my girl Shelly got her abortion last week? We're thinking on entering little Unbornia into the canhopjumpbeansjacktrampoline competition. We think she/he/it has what it takes dawg!
by da ya love me May 31, 2007
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