how wrong are both of ya nobody invented nothing and if u are trying to say that tempo that wack ass nigga came up with that u wrong too. that is a word that came up in the streets of p.r.before tempo & yankee even said it describing something that is hot and good
go to puerto rico
by jay-ro December 31, 2003
Top Definition
The term "cangri" spawned from the Puerto Rican term "cangriman" which was derived from "congressman". "Cangriman" was used to denote someone who was important and well presented, such as a congressman. It eventually evolved into the shortened "cangri" which has become more widely used since its presence in Reggaeton.
Ella es la cangri...
by El Kulu Ngile September 30, 2005
Puerto Rican; meanz illest person or the sexiest
Yo Soy La Cangri Mas Acclamada
by Gina April 12, 2005
"gato suave"-a "cool cat", a person lookin good and dressin flashy, being the best of his game.
"ese muchacho se cree el cangri"
by vAnEsSa ReYnA May 22, 2005
A Word used to describe someone who is the shizzle. "El Cangri" meaning the man is equivalent to the dominican word Matatan
"Aqui llego el cangri"
by bksgre8st March 31, 2005
a word that daday yankee(a spanish reggae artist) kinda made up to describe alot of stuff that is off the hook
like that song is cangri or she is cangri(actually said in spanish)
by angelic_tears13 August 09, 2003
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