The foward cavity of a female, typically of good looking girls. Also known as the vagina.
Grrrr-Bet she wishes I could visit her candyland.
by Josh Sorenson May 12, 2004
A geographical area of near-complete safety; and sometimes, as a result, very little "real" adventure- much like the gameplay in the classic board-game Candyland.

This term originated from Ultima Online, a massively-multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG, like World of Warcraft, etc), the term "Candyland" was given to a region "Trammel" where the player could not be killed by another player. Typically it was intended in a derogatory manner by aggressive players ("Player Killers" aka PK's) but could also be used in a neutral or positive tone.
I moved to a new neighborhood and now it's like I'm living in Candyland.
by rhadiem November 20, 2009
A type of child like place where no negativiety, harsh words, adults words, competitive banter, equal defensive response is allowed. It is another form of Care bear land or Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Imagine the most sensitive realm of existence.
This game has turned into candyland because of all the cry babies that can't handle the harsh words I accurately use to describe them.
by CommonSenseisdead February 03, 2014
A pill pushing mental institute.

Especially: free mental institutes where doctors have stocks in specific drug companies and prescribe drugs only from such companies to line their own pockets on the government dime.
Welcome to Candyland, I was sent here from the prison system for attempted suicide. I was there for child molestation. Want a necklace? I made it with your name in it only I ran out of "J's" so I used a "G" See, it says "Gohn
by Anurean July 01, 2010
Another way of saying lets have Oral Sex. Especially if some else is in the room or something.
Jaclyn:Oh i wanna play candyland!
Tim:alrighty then
Rick: Pshh thats gay im leaving now.

( they straddle each other and 69)
by CBrownStud October 01, 2009
A store where some cow killing fag who rips me off and sells lighters, alcohol, and supposedly switchblades to people. The candyland guy also shoked my friend.
wow, I bought this at candyland, it must be a goddamn rip off.
by kill cow October 23, 2007
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