A geographical area of near-complete safety; and sometimes, as a result, very little "real" adventure- much like the gameplay in the classic board-game Candyland.

This term originated from Ultima Online, a massively-multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG, like World of Warcraft, etc), the term "Candyland" was given to a region "Trammel" where the player could not be killed by another player. Typically it was intended in a derogatory manner by aggressive players ("Player Killers" aka PK's) but could also be used in a neutral or positive tone.
I moved to a new neighborhood and now it's like I'm living in Candyland.
#mmorpg #ultima online #carebear #pk #safety #protection
by rhadiem November 20, 2009
Top Definition
A slavery plantation owned by a very racist Leonardo DiCaprio, as seen in the movie "Django Unchained".
"I just got me a fine black woman from Candyland."
#dicaprio #tarantino #slave #jackson #mandingo
by Expert-TechShirt January 08, 2013
the best damn game in the world!
let's get drunk off cheap wine and play some candyland.
#queen frostine #gramma nutt #plumpy #candy cane forest #gum drops
by Ryan Howard March 07, 2007
The miracle land where all types of candy can be found. Some items are even made of candy. This candy can be the sweet, made of sugar kind, or the mind-fucking, only found in some parts of mexico kind.
Guy 1: Dude, I went to frickin' candy land last night.
Guy 2: Holy crap bro, how was it?
Guy 1: Totally trippy!
#candyland #kandy land #pills #tripping #candy #mexico
by Mexican Tripper December 07, 2008
Well to be put simple, its a hell of a game. Many people wonder about the exact definition of it, but it is one thing that will never fully be understood.
Parker: Hey I heard you were going to play Candyland this weekend?!
Jenni: Yeah I was, but I am still a little sore form the last game!
#mystery #candy #land #game #interesting
by True King. August 24, 2009
Fun Games that you play with your partner...
1. I was playing candy land with my girlfriend, and she went to peppermint forest with her tongue.

2. I stuck my cock in her ass and got molasses swamp.

3. Last night i was with my GF and her and i went to Candy Land and i got all her sweets.
#candy #land #sweet #lollipops #69
by Candymaker069 May 29, 2009
anything that happens when a member of the opposite sex that is at least 3 years older than you comes over to your house when no one is home. Can be anything from sitting and talking, making out, or anything sexual.
Carol: What happened when Jake was over?
Emma: We played candyland!
Carol: nice!
#random #fun #sexytime #candyland #boom
by sexybeastxx March 31, 2009
the most hardcore drinking game ever. you take the kids game and make rules to go along with the color cards you draw. red=rule green=rhyme orange=catagory blue=guys drink purple=girls drink yellow=you drink double cards=you take two then follow the color rule character card=chug the rest of your open drink.
we played candyland and joey threw up all over my wall.
#drunk #games #hardcore #candyland #beer
by willwest July 24, 2008
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