A gay song sung by the crappy rapper 50 Cent that for some reason everyone just loves. This song is for faggots with no taste and just listen to what's popular. It's just a song about gay fat black men sucking eachother.
Fronter: Yo Candy Shop is the best song..."Take you to the Candy Shop..."
Person with taste:.......no
by Chris April 07, 2005
a place in the projects where they sell drugs or guns
50 cent went to the candy shop to get guns not candy..
by ben June 13, 2006
A situation that is created when a girl is wearing edible chocolate panties (or a thong), has just received a hot load of semen all over and inside her vagina, and simultaneously has her period. The wonderful kaleidoscope of tasty colors (brown, white, red) gives the illusion of a candy shop. Dig in!
Come on Sierra, let's go buy an edible thong, I feel like a trip to the candy shop tonight!
by ddan November 27, 2005
Means bedroom. So when 50 Cent sings, "I'll take you to the candyshop" it means I'll take you to my bedroom.
Lets go to my candyshop.
by Alyssa February 13, 2005

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