A gay song sung by the crappy rapper 50 Cent that for some reason everyone just loves. This song is for faggots with no taste and just listen to what's popular. It's just a song about gay fat black men sucking eachother.
Fronter: Yo Candy Shop is the best song..."Take you to the Candy Shop..."
Person with taste:.......no
by Chris April 07, 2005
Top Definition
A happy place where innocent little children go to buy candy! Shame on you, where you expecting something different!
Bobby bought a lolipop at the candy shop.
by Hannah Lumpkins June 09, 2005
A place where women are respected, put on display, and treated like human beings and not sex objects pouring chocolate all over each other..aww who the hell am I kidding, thanks to 50 Cent, a "candy shop" is basically a place where girls like me are painted up like streetwalking whores, make out with other girls, and degrade ourselves all the while shaking our asses in 50 Cent's face and happily sucking on his "lollypop". And umm, "LET" us lick the lollypop?? As if sucking your crusty ass d*ck is a favor. By the way, Im not a 50 Cent-hater, I used to love your music..when it was actually good. PAYCE =D
50 Cent: "I'll take you to the candy shop. I'll let you lick the lollypop. Go 'head girl dont you stop. Keep goin' 'till you hit the spot WOAHHHHH"
by Tidontneedtotellyoumyname July 19, 2005
50 cent's way of saying that he wants a BJ. 'The candy shop' is the sleaziest and most pointless song ever written by him - and considering that whenever he does a song or even part of a song, he mentions something about a woman sucking his dick, that is saying a lot. Basically, a song by a desperate monkey-like american about beautiful women just pleading to suck on his crusty, 2 inch black cock. Sorry fifty, it don't happen to humans, it aint gonna happen to a chimpanzee.
Welcome to the candy shop
Fuck it, just suck my cock
I'm gonna give you all I got
Which turns out to be not a lot
Cos I really have a tiny cock
So you'll have to use a microscop!
by snack88 August 10, 2005
Candy Shop (in 50 Cent Terms) is NOT:

1. A bedroom
2. A Wh*r* House
3. A place with attractive people

It IS:

50 cents pants "Ill take you to the candy shop, Ill let you lick the lollipop"

You can imagine wut the lollipop is

Its a terrible song and I cant believe I ever liked it because its all about havin sex, like every other rap song there is, and im sick of guys talkin bout gurls like were their play thangs.
Guy: "Heyy wanna go to the Candy Shop with me??"

Gurl with class: "*smack*"
by Carrie August 09, 2005
A store in which candy is sold.
Tim: I'm hungry
Tom: Let's go get something to eat!
Tim: I only have 50 cents
Tom: It's ok, you could get something for that much at the candy shop down the street
Tim: Ok let's go
by MrDinkleberry November 07, 2005
A hit song by 50 Cent that some people believe to have sexual undertones and not actually be about candy at all.
Ignorant guy: Dude I just listened to Candy Shop by 50 Cent and now I'm hungry a lollipop.

Smart guy: Wow are you gay? I don't think that song is actually about candy...but suit yourself.
by Schnitterbit January 26, 2011
candy shop is a place whurr when u look around everything u see is pleezin to look at...its candy for yo eyes background: 50 cent sed it on the making of his video "Candy Shop"
"ill take u to the candy shop i'll let u lick the lollipop go ahead gurl dont u stop keep goin till u hit that spot"
-50 Cent
by wytechocolate January 31, 2005
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