(n.) a term generally used by males about his main woman. the candy lady is one who will jump in to help her man fight, get her man drugs, round up all his other women to help get him out of jail, and is a great lover.
my candy lady bailed me out with money from all my other girls on the side, thats why i like her so much.
#baddest bitch #bottom bitch #woman #shawty #boo
by boobiewatcher March 17, 2010
Top Definition
the little old lady that lives in your hood and sells candy to all the kids in the hood and in many cases has been known to sell drugs to the adults in the hood.
KID:mom can i have a dollar for the candy lady?

MOM:ill go with you baby moma wants some candy too!
#drugdealer #candyseller #seller #crazyoldlady #hustler
by petrabbit March 15, 2009
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