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When a man sets a woman's hair on fire, then masturbates and ejaculates on her head to put it out. This term is also valid when a female who is capable of squirting lights a man's hair on fire.
Baby, let's light up a candle.
by matchbox79 October 15, 2010
A burning chunk of wax that usually smells like ass.
Gahhhh....your ass smells like candle.
by PIMP MASTA PIMP March 12, 2005
its made of wax.fire
its dark...light a candle
by arcilesi June 11, 2008
noun, refers to people who have pumpkin heads, and beheave like a candle. Weak, ever changing, sometimes rages out of control. Used in conjunction with other nouns. i.e. head, dick, mantle.
"Hey candle~head." "Please refrain from tall, tall, talk.." "Talking? to you like this candle dick?" "AAAUUGHHHRTHHHAAGRGHAT (Tap, destroy)"
by Craig Richardson October 23, 2003
When a dude blows his load all over a chick's face and she let's it dry.
Goddamn, I made a candle out of that girl.
by poopface95 June 04, 2005
A blunt or joint, usually a blunt.
Last weekend I was lighting up candles with some friends like it was my birthday.
by Spauk May 20, 2003
An increasingly obscure term denoting a cylinder in an internal-combustion engine. 8 candles = 8 cylinders.
Damn, he still won the heads-up with only seven candles lit!
by tradesman April 30, 2003