roman catholics are frequently known as candle burners.
roman catholics believe there is some spiritual benefit in candle burning.
the candle burners actually believe it is part of christianity.
#papists #taigs #pope lovers #smelly c*nts #fenians
by truth defender December 10, 2006
Top Definition
n: A dirty hippie or a freeky chick.

A chick that likes lots of sex with candles burned on her and around her.
Used to talk shit on hippies.
1.Take your guitar and get off my lawn you damn candle burners.
2. I hate those smelly candle burners with their dread locks and hacky sacs.

Good for chicks though:
Guy1: Who's that fine lookin chick.
Guy2: That girl? Shes a candle burner.
Guy1: Hell ya.
#hippie #stoner #dumass #or sex freek #crazy bitch
by SM WS March 30, 2006
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