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A person from the town of Candia, NH.
If you are from the town of Candia, then you are a Candian.
by racartier March 09, 2006
A hilarious word made by a hilariously stupid person who made a hilariously terrible attempt to try to zing Canada.

See: hidneous
Oh, gawrsh, Jebediah... there comes one o' them KA-NAH-DANS again! I sure hope he don't say EH to us, a-hyuck!
by Sasori May 11, 2003
The origin comes from a canadian who had just sniffed some cocaine and is a little confused with the words flying out of his mouth.
Person 1: Hey are you Canadian?

Person 2: Yah I'm Candian!

Person 1: EH?
by crazydudez October 19, 2009
a place that wants to be the usa but will never be
wow we just did that now those stupid candians are doing it