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The coolest disease in the world! You can get it from EVERYTHING! American cheese, Porno, breathing, Sun light, Being alive, Sex and nonvirgin blood
Yay i'm sooo much cooler then you! I got CANCER!
by FurFur July 10, 2008
A disease that will eventually kill us all.
"I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn back"
by Qbert January 26, 2004
A less deadly version of AIDS
You: Bro, I just got diagnosed with cancer.
Friend: Hey man, it could be worse, you could get the true form, AIDS
by J_sh April 24, 2009
A word similar to those that you respond with when you have no idea what to say. Such as woot,word, and sweet.
I just fell down the stairs...
hahahahah. Cancer.
by Chaff-chaff May 29, 2008
another word for cool , tight , bomb and diggitty to its fullest extent.
That guy is so CANCER he gave me tits!!


CANCER!!! I got the high score in donkey kong!

Besides the fact that hes got cancer his cool
by CANCER CODY February 22, 2008
Astrological symbol
"Your a cancer, i'm a sagidtaidararious. lets have sex"
by Brad March 12, 2003
A group of guys that are so ILL and do what ever they want. They'll steal your wife, girlfriend and ruin your life while bettering their own. They drink bottles of vodka like water every night and there is no stopping them
I got so CANCER shat last night that I ended up fucking my friends brothers girlfriend with another dude at the same time.
by BLAIDEL August 13, 2006