Often used on the internet, cancer is a term given to anything shitty or annoying. The word "Aids" is also used in the same fashion, but doesn't have the same effect. Usually the word "fucking" comes before it in most uses.
-People with fucking minecraft bookbags are cancer.
-I hate golf, it's absolute fucking cancer.
-No, of course not, that's fucking cancer.
by can sir August 13, 2015
who the hell looks up cancer in the urban dictionary?
Guy 1: Hey, what are you doing?
Guy 2: Oh, just looking up cancer on Urban Dictionary.
Guy 1: What the hell is wrong with you?
by loweezy December 15, 2014
another term for cigarettes
shit dude, i'm out of cancer.
by Mary Jane Hendrix September 14, 2006
Astrological symbol
"Your a cancer, i'm a sagidtaidararious. lets have sex"
by Brad March 12, 2003
If you have or had cancer you are apart of a family you don't even know apart. If you're going through it your unbelievably strong. And if you beat it good fucking job cause you're awesome. It also is great very picking up women.
Jen: Yeah, Ed had cancer.
Meg: Awww, that's so sad. Did he beat it?
Jen: Yeah.
Meg: Then he fucking rocks! Let's go fuck him.
by Thatguy0722 January 11, 2015
A common disease in Western culture, due to vital vitamin B17 deficiency. B17 is banned in the US by the FDA.
Apricot & apple seeds prevent cancer.
by LookUpWatergate August 10, 2011
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