Daniels taste in music
Daniels taste in music is the definition of cancer
by Testicles. July 30, 2013
A zodiac sign that represents a well-mannered, intelligent person. Usually tall and slender, Cancer's are well-rounded, committed, and appealing to the eye.
Rachel is sexy but smart. She must be a Cancer!
by corcor44 February 04, 2012
A disease that kills people. There is a known cure for cancer, but the the drug companys don't really want the public to know that, because they will lose money from the people who buy thier products.
The only reason the media says there is no cure for cancer, because if there was, nobody would buy medicine, and the drug companys can't let that happen because it's all about the money$money$money.

The cure for cancer is simple. Just crack open the pit of an apricot, plumb, or any kind of fruit like that, and eat the seeds. Do this everyday to pervent cancer. If you already have cancer, you should eat around 8 apricot seeds everyday to cure it. People have been doing this for years to cure cancer. The reason alot of people don't hear about this, is becuase if you did, you wouldn't have to buy medicine, and therefore, the drug companies would go bankrupt.

Don't waste your time putting unnatural chemicals into your body, when you can do it the natural, and more accurate way.
by Sid-- April 04, 2006
A common disease in Western culture, due to vital vitamin B17 deficiency. B17 is banned in the US by the FDA.
Apricot & apple seeds prevent cancer.
by LookUpWatergate August 10, 2011
Gordon is cancer.
by zazaine March 09, 2014
Something that you want people to get when they piss you off
Eric punched me in the gut, I hope he gets cancer.
by Mdog324 November 30, 2011
(Romanian slang) Extreme cold. Usually, the word refers to cold in combination with humidity and windchill.

May also refer to the quality of being cold.
1) Dude, keep your parka on. It's cancer outside.

2) The sea was okay, but in the morning the water was cancer.
by !Rocky October 15, 2004

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