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The only superpower that humans can possess.
Cancer-boy: DUDE my cells are growing out of control!!!!!!
by JJW00SH October 16, 2007
67 39
A fatal disease caused by the replication of a broken cell.
by pro-nun-see-A-shun December 31, 2002
63 39
n. slang term for cigarrette. short for cancer stick
"ayo gimme a cancer man"
by jim June 24, 2003
52 29
1. A disease that some humans contract. The few of them are breast, prostate or lung cancer.

2. Astrological sign for those born between June 21- July 23.
1. Billy's mother told him to stop smoking but being the usual stubborn bastard he is, he would not listen to her. Years later, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

2. Us Cancer people is known to be very intuitive.
by ??? June 12, 2003
41 26
An illness that is similar to AIDS: far too profitable to cure.
Dr. Jack: My colleagues and I pretend that we do not know how to cure cancer so we can keep our million dollar homes, fancy boats, and BMW's.
by meg323 July 19, 2010
22 9
A vicious person who is extremely negative and adversely affects the mood and demoralizes those around him/her. He/she cannot be fixed or changed and needs to be cut out of the system, or the pathetic nature of the person will spread like wildfire and create an everlasting hostile environment.
The director of international relations is cancer and needs to be canned. He whines like a baby, sabotages other's projects, and is flat-out an ingrate.
by Willy Bee November 02, 2007
49 36
a disease lacking in humor, surplussing in tumor.
holy shit dude, that 6 centimeter mass in your lungs has no sense of humor. what a killjoy.

also, cancer.
by Hawaiian Dicking July 10, 2009
26 14