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An electrolarynx, akin to a megaphone or Mr. Microphone, only it is held to a blowhole in the throat after the larynx has been removed due to diseases like Cancer. The resulting "voice" is very buzzy, throaty, and monotone - but it's all you got at that point. What's sadder is that a lot of the people in this situation smoked a truckload of cigarettes along the way, and they usually look somewhat "weathered", "leathery", or "rugged" to add a visual scare with the auditory one.
Ned from South Park wears a cancer kazoo on his left wrist.

I thought a Cylon from the original Battlestar Galactica series was talking to me, but it was just a guy with a cancer kazoo.
by Popehat2 November 13, 2007
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Jimbo still smokes Salems through his cancer kazoo. That's just wrong.
by mrs_equator August 17, 2006
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I can't hear this dude on the phone over the Cubicle Queen's fricking cancer kazoo.
by mrs_equator August 15, 2006
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