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A word used predominatly by Canadians. See the paragraph in my example.
Last night, I cashed my pogey and went to buy a mickey of CC at the beer parlour, but my skidoo got stuck in the muskeg on my way back to the duplex. I was trying to deke a deer, you see. Damn chinook, melted everything. And then a Mountie snuck up behind me in a ghost car and gave me an impaired. I was S.O.L., sitting there in my Stanfields and a toque at the time. And the mountie, he's all chippy and everything, calling me a shit disturber and whatnot.
Every linked word is a Canadianism.
by Weens September 10, 2005
1) a word that has origin or is commonly used among canadian culture.
hooser, chinook, slough, grid and eh? are all canadianisms
by j-la August 12, 2003
Treating all things related to the country of Canada as a religion.

Hindus are known to integrate their religion with an extreme sense of Canadianism.
Jake: Yo Raj, you're Indian, but what's your religion, like Hindu or Buddhist...or muslim :( ?

Raj: I believe in extreme Canadianism along with traditional Vedic Hindu beliefs! I FUCKING EAT, SLEEP, BREATHE, BLEED CANADA!

by CANADIANHINDUPOWER January 24, 2011

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