While traveling outside of Canada, a Canadian may introduce themselves by grabbing the other person's ass, balls or vag. Most commonly used by crazy drunk Canadian girls on vacation.
Hi, my name is Nicole (said while reaching around and grabbing the waiter Jose's ass with a firm Canadian Handshake).
by Pixieeee July 08, 2010
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A Canadian Handshake is actually a reach-around. It can be done on both sexes; on a guy it's a handjob from behind, on women it's a pussy/clit fondling/fingering from behind.
"Laura sat in the back seat of the car last night just so she could see if she could give me a Canadian Handshake without anyone noticing."
by lagmeister February 04, 2008
A blowjob
man that chick had a firm canadian handshake
by hooray cananada May 29, 2011
Being the double-fisting lushes they are, a Canadian Handshake is when two Canucks greet eachother while both have a beer in each hand. In passing, they klink their cans of Labatt's Ice together and stumble on their merry way.
Terry and Ed bumped into eachother at the hockey party and gave eachother a Canadian Handshake. Terry likes men and Ed harms small forest animals.
by JesseDuplantis January 13, 2012
when you knee someone in the crotch, that, my friend, is a canadian handshake.
''john grabbed my boob, so i gave him a canadian handshake!''
by beezlebub 1776 June 17, 2007

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