When one inserts their penis into a foreman grill, (the small grills that close like waffle maker) fries it until it resembles canadian bacon, and forces someone into eating it.
Rob: Dude i heard Bob gave Samantha canadian bacon!

Tyler: Man that's nasty why would someone do that to themselves?
by wordswemakewhenskating July 28, 2011
The best fucking thing ever
by SDI Clover April 15, 2010
Canadian Bacon is cooked ham.
It's funny how Canadians think they have something unique going on...
Oh my god, Canadian Bacon is soooo gay.
by TimHodges June 08, 2011
same thing as regular bacon, just made in those fresh smelling canadian factories!
Here at Uncle Jimmy's Canadian Bacon Farm we dip our meat in a pot of air fresheners, cellulite, and THC to preserve our great Uncle Jimmy taste.
by Big Daddy A May 19, 2009
forest preserve police- sounds like the real thing, but isn't even close
I thought it was the 5-0, but it was only canadian bacon
by dev0 June 01, 2004
At the point of climax the man pulls out of the girl's vagina and thus busts his nut on her back allowing it to calcify to a substance. The girl then peels the crusty jizm off of her upper ass and eats it.
Last night i went on a blind date with Judith. After she ate a club sub she told me how much she loves bacon. Naturally i suggested that she try Canadian Bacon; she agreed and told me that it was the best bacon that she had ever tried.
by D. Ross February 12, 2008
Used to describe a guy who loves anis and has red sideburns.
Man Robert!! You're such a canadian bacon!!!
by Sarah Pettersson March 18, 2008

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