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to be a bum,loser,wack person, not cool,not original,crybaby,someone who has no frieds
yo i just found a used condom" "man you mad Canadian!
by thorykuleelsum February 03, 2011
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A citizen of Canada who is often absurdly obsessed with their U.S. neighbors to the South. Always claiming superiority whilst at the same time demonstrating almost child-like naivety about all things American.

Generally politically left leaning, a Canadian relies heavily on their government for healthcare, social services, and "thinking for them". Most Canadians live mediocre lower-middle class lives and have a good basic education.

World-class excellence only rarely emerges from Canadians, although world-class self righteousness is quite common. If you think of Canadians as movie critics, not movie makers you start to understand them.

"Canadian" is derogatory slang for any under-achiever with a chip on their shoulder and a misguided sense of blame.
Canadians brag about their rationed second rate healthcare system, while paying outrageous taxes to support it. (High Income Taxes, $40 bucks for a case of the beer they brag so much about, ~$4.50 US / gallon of gas, even though they are sitting on the largest reserves outside of the middle east, 13% sales tax on purchases).

Oh ya, you have "free" healthcare. C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S !!

They brag about multiculturalism, because they have no identity of their own. Being "not American" is a pretty sad self definition, and "hockey, beer, crappy healthcare, and donuts" does NOT qualify as a definition either.

Bragging about Canadian accomplishments is also naive considering the accomplishments of other developed countries would span volumes, not fit on a single sheet of paper.
by ex-Canadian October 26, 2011
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backstabbing, trophy stealing, maple syrup drinking, "eh" saying meanies

- Stephen Colbert told me to say this
Canadian speed skaters
by norahboborah22 February 07, 2010
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The best damn beer this country has to offer!
I had to wash that sick American beer down with a couple Molson Canadians.
by Kev23 September 30, 2005
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This country has only two things it loves:
1. Hockey.
2. Being owned by The British.

It is sometimes referred to as the Northern United States, but far sissier. Instead of telling the British to Fuck off like the US did, it bent over and continues to take it anally from our friends across the Atlantic with the funny accents.

Canada has only 5 professional hockey teams and none of them have won the Stanley Cup in years.

They have one National hero as opposed to the US who have thousands. That one hero is named Sidney Crosby, aka, Cindy.

He is a whining hockey player who enjoys being cornholed by beefy men. When he gets drilled another way into the boards and has a career ending injury, he will be a nobody and Canada will again only have it's love of being owned by the British to make them happy.
That guy wearing a Crosby jersey and taking it in the ass sure looks like Sidney Crosby. In fact it is Crosby. My god he is acting like such a Canadian.
by Phuck Canada April 20, 2010
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1.People who think that their beer is more potent than America's because somehow, 5% of 12 ounces is more in Canada.
2. People who are proud of their macro brew, rubbishy, factory beer.
3. People who are smug because they don't make the mistakes America does simply because of their inertia and inability to do anything important in the world.
4. People whose only claim to pride is sports and comedians....because those are really important.
American: you guys are proud of this beer? It takes like balls!
Canadian: Yes but its stronger than the stuff you guys have down here.
American: Well it says 5% on the can, last time I checked 5% of 12 ounces is equal 5% of 12 ounces.
Canadian: Yeah we use a different system in Canada though, so its more alcohol in a 5% beer.
American: That makes no sense.
Canadian: Doesn't have to, I'm a Canadian, eh?
(This is a conversation that I've actually had, well not the last line, but that's essentially what he said.)
by Wrathgarr March 27, 2010
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Code word used by women to refer to a group of substandard guys in a bar or club. (Not actually referring to people from Canada.)
Angela (calling Sami on her cell phone): So, are there are cute guys at Rouge tonight?
Sami: No, just a bunch of Canadians.
by cherryblossom September 15, 2007
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