Being Canadian is like renting the loft apartment above a really great party, a.k.a. America
Man that looks like fun, too bad we're canadians
by Doogie,theoneandonly February 04, 2011
An amoeba-like individual originating from the "room above the party," otherwise known as canada. Has tendencies of speaking misinformation, quoting outdated statistics, and often voices anti-American sentiments. Usually ends sentences with the word, "eh," even when making a simple statement as brain power is quite limited. Occasionally tries hard to differentiate itself from an American due to having a weak identity, suffering from mild retardation. These prideful, boastful, passive-aggressive life forms are often found blogging or spreading propaganda throughout the world to demonstrate the wonders of canada (also often referred to as canadia or canaDUH). These life forms come in many shapes and sizes, but generally have roundish bodies accompanied by short, sausage-like appendages and incredibly ugly faces. Suffering from hypocritical tendencies, it rarely is taken seriously in the context of others.
Look! Did you see that canadian? It is so ugly and dumb it looks like it sat its face on fire and tried to put it out with an axe!
by America will Beat YOUR ASS! August 03, 2010
America’s stalkers. Canadians obsess over Americans and we barely remember you exist.
Eww gross – there’s heavy-breathing Canadian in the bushes jerking off to a picture of the US.
by dick09 March 14, 2010
I'm proud of being Canadian. I'm sure you're proud of whatever country you come from yourself.

Canada has no Army. They are peaceful people from a great country.
I was born in The United States to a Canadian father who came to America when he was just fourteen.

At least thats what he tells me.

I love being Canadian and I hope all my Canadian ancestors do the same.

> Canadians are lesser Gods.

> Canadians are the the best.

Canadians are nice people from a Country in which is basically heaven on earth.

> Canadians: Awesome

> Canadians: Rulers of the earth

Canadians are simply put as no one being better than them.

by ...Ben... September 13, 2007
to be a bum,loser,wack person, not cool,not original,crybaby,someone who has no frieds
yo i just found a used condom" "man you mad Canadian!
by thorykuleelsum February 03, 2011
backstabbing, trophy stealing, maple syrup drinking, "eh" saying meanies

- Stephen Colbert told me to say this
Canadian speed skaters
by norahboborah22 February 07, 2010
The best damn beer this country has to offer!
I had to wash that sick American beer down with a couple Molson Canadians.
by Kev23 September 30, 2005

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