People that live in Canada. Usually misunderstood and mocked. They do actually say 'eh' quite a bit, but they do not say 'aboot'... EVER. They eat regular foods, with plenty of flavors other than maple syrup, and can be just as rude as an American when pissed off. Also they have the great privilege of free health care and the largest amount of fresh water in the world. Suck on that.
"oh you're one of those Canadians? Oout and aboot in the states eh? haha"
"Shut the f*** up"
by anamefornow May 06, 2013
The people who reside in the country Canada, who are disliked by most Americans because they know which wars to fight, and don't kill each other as frequently. It is commonly known that they use the word eh alot. Whether or not this is true, or if people are just ignorant (I favour the latter) they are a happy, content people, who are associated with the French because that's who colonized them. Why aren't Americans like that with England? Oh wait, you declared "Independence".
American: Check out those pussy Canadians...
Canadian: Am I pussy because we don't go and fight wars over some oil, and hold a pre-emptive strike? Or because we are half french? Shut up eh?
by KinGAleX March 31, 2005
Someone who knows how to make love in a canoe.
(A Canadian couple on a camping trip with their parents)
Mary: Dammit, there's no privacy in this cottage,
Bill: Well, we could go "fishing" tonight...
by LennardLemming July 02, 2010
The nicest country with the loveist people, as an American I am happy to have Canada as our neighbors. No one hates Canadians even if some Americans make fun of them, sometimes vice versa. Probably the country that also hates on others the least, they also have a beautiful landscape.
American: We don't need to worry about anything, we're visiting Canada, that's where the Canadians are at!
by That's Incredible March 15, 2015
Canadians- Ones who originate in Canada. They are peaceful and don't get into wars very often, and their healthcare is free.
"Hey, guys, Canada is bigger than America and its on top of it to!"
by Jaken May 18, 2003
A person of Canada of that is preoccupied with comparing Canada's attributes to that of the United States and quick to assert that the Canadian version of any given attribute is better than that of the United States. This Canadians do with absolutely no rationale basis. One that has a pathological inferiority complex. One that is factually devoid of North American history and also sports history (Hockey was formally established in Michigan and the United Kingdom lost a lot of territory to the United States in the war of 1812. Canada did not exist in 1812. 'Sorry'). Someone that will be polite and friendly to your face, but quite the opposite behind your back. One who is hostile and passive aggressive towards people of the United States and yet spends a lot of time in the United States vacationing and shopping. An anti-American bigot. A spineless person that is always saying sorry for their poor manners.
Hi, I'm Canadian.
I am so sorry to here that. Here is the name of a good psychologist. Perhaps they can be of help to you.
by auswayward July 01, 2014
A smart term used at work primarily to talk about blacks so your coworkers don't know that your taking about them being lazy.
Dude that lazy ass Canadian Jamarcus is sleeping again on the job. He's still listening to his jive turkey rap music in his headphones.
by Chubstroker69 August 24, 2010
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