a secretive way to refer to a person of color as not to be interpreted by strangers
i dont want to go downtown....because its full of...canadians.
by alga February 11, 2007
An unarmed American with healthcare.
cheers to being Canadian!
by hiqwertyhi August 17, 2011
What you call black people when they could hear you use a more offensive term.
"Don't park your car here. I don't like this neighborhood, it's full of Canadians."
by Bill Billy October 30, 2007
A person residing in or born in Canada.

Superior to other countries in the following areas: hockey, healthcare, peace, tolerance, beer, maple syrup, government.

Able to take credit for the following inventions (not nearly the entire list): basketball (yes, actually invented by a Canadian - do some research), electron microscope, goalie mask, insulin, lacrosse, pacemaker, zipper...
Canadians are the best humans in the world.
by K. R. August 18, 2006
A code word that white waiters sometimes use to speak about rude black partrons.
Damn, I hate waiting on those Canadians. They run my butt off, send perfectly good food back, complain about the amount of the bill, then only tip 10 percent!
by Recon1172 May 25, 2005
1. People from Canada. We are very proud of our country, so don't insult it when we can hear you. We do not say eh any more than anyone else does, and don't live in igloos.

2. What Americans say they are when their're on vacation, especially in England.
1. I live in Canada, deal with it.

2. Yeah, I'm Canadian. I've got the flag on my backpack.
by fjike August 07, 2011
Penguin riding people whose currency consist mainly of monopoly money. Their daily source of protein comes mainly from maple syrup. They are proud gay people that adore the french. At night they sleep soundly in their igloos which they leave unlock. They have admirable speech patterns using words like aboot and eh?
What are canadians all aboot eh?
by n17 May 28, 2010

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