Residents of Canada who can't wait to tell you how nice they are. The greatest insult to a Canadian is to tell them they are American, despite the fact that most of them sound and act just like Americans. They throw national celebrations when they win at a sport that only they care about. They move to Florida or California once they make enough money to pay off their extremely high taxes. Yeah, they have universal healthcare, they also have low cancer survival rates. Boring people envious of those who live below the 49th parallel.
Canadians- "We just won the winter olympics, Yeah!"
Man- "Congrats, have you ever won anything else?"
Canadians- "Aaaahhhh, we're not America!"
#canucks #canada #quebec #ontario #toronto
by ej13 March 10, 2010
Street slang for an undercover police woman posing as a prostitute.
Ron: Keep driving man!
Chris: Why, is she a dude?
Ron: Naw, man, that's a canadian
#canada #stanley cup #maple syrup #moose #north
by HoneyBeeChitlins February 04, 2010
A person that says 'A' after every sentence they say, lives off maple syrup and booze and looks like a moose be for they put their make up on. Has drive by snow ball fights and get cheep meds.
'Look at that Canadian over there drinking his syrup'
'We should go get some Maple ahe'
#canadan #candans #moose fucker #syrup drinker #canadian idot
by M.E.X. May 01, 2010
Someone who constantly looks for ways to justify their existance by naming off various milestones or inventions created by other Canadians so that others will take notice.

Like the skinny kid with thick glasses at the back of the classroom, they try very hard to impress with all their statistics on Canada's gun crime rates versus the U.S.A. and constantly fawn over faults in American foreign policy while ignoring what atrocities their own country and corporations have done to others.

Talisman Energy ring a bell? I thought so. How about the major Canadian book retailer that backs "lone soldiers" in the state of Israel? No? Hmmmm...
You Canadians need to concentrate on your own problems. And there are many.
#naive #ignorant #arrogant #self-doubting #insecure
by Bleepedybloops June 20, 2007
the u.s.'s friendly but backwards neighbors to the north
its fun to go up to the u.s./canadian border and throw things at candadians, knowing they wont throw anything back at you-michael kelso, that 70's show
#canada #maple leaf #hocky #maple syope #cookie
by emy b April 22, 2007
An Unarmed American with Healthcare
wtf can u use as an example canadian

#canadian #america #toronto #unarmed #healthcare
by eVo313 November 09, 2006
a canadian is a person who lives in canada.
usually considered a 'sub-species', or the mutated people of the U.S.
they are usually found to pronounce words with 'oo' than 'o'. such as 'aboot', instead of 'about'.
canadians also treat curling like a real sport, and enjoy playing ice hockey 24/7
sometimes referred to as 'wetbacks' or 'hockey loving nuts'
those bastard canadians are playing hockey in the street again!
the damn canadian telling me to 'get-oot' of his garbage cans!
the mutant yank had a go at me today...bastard canadians
#canadian #wetbacks #candian #candians #bastards #hockey #canada
by neilganjaman August 02, 2008
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