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An Unarmed American with Healthcare
wtf can u use as an example canadian

by eVo313 November 09, 2006
Someone who constantly looks for ways to justify their existance by naming off various milestones or inventions created by other Canadians so that others will take notice.

Like the skinny kid with thick glasses at the back of the classroom, they try very hard to impress with all their statistics on Canada's gun crime rates versus the U.S.A. and constantly fawn over faults in American foreign policy while ignoring what atrocities their own country and corporations have done to others.

Talisman Energy ring a bell? I thought so. How about the major Canadian book retailer that backs "lone soldiers" in the state of Israel? No? Hmmmm...
You Canadians need to concentrate on your own problems. And there are many.
by Bleepedybloops June 20, 2007
a canadian is a person who lives in canada.
usually considered a 'sub-species', or the mutated people of the U.S.
they are usually found to pronounce words with 'oo' than 'o'. such as 'aboot', instead of 'about'.
canadians also treat curling like a real sport, and enjoy playing ice hockey 24/7
sometimes referred to as 'wetbacks' or 'hockey loving nuts'
those bastard canadians are playing hockey in the street again!
the damn canadian telling me to 'get-oot' of his garbage cans!
the mutant yank had a go at me today...bastard canadians
by neilganjaman August 02, 2008
Remotely related to the human race. In reality, penguins that smoke weed to imply their connection to humanity. Very weak minded, as Canadia is not a real place and is in fact a figment of our imagination. It is the giant desolate landmass that penguins have been able to light up with rocks and wood.
Nigga have you seen that Canadian? - Real African
Nigga thats my penguin? - Black American

Fuck, you see that penguin? - American Slut
Damn bitch, that's my mom! - Canadian
by Jewish Mewtwo a.k.a. Moses December 05, 2008
A slang term for African Americans used by a small, but growing group of people in Indiana and Chicago. The term was created as a substitute for the pejorative, Nigger, in order to express the term but avoid any conflicts.
God damn Canadians.

...there were a bunch of Canadians standing outside the club so I sprinted as fast as I could.
A total tosser with a false sense of superiority, covering up the niggling knowledge in the back of his or her mind that his or her nation is just the bitch of the USA. Canadians are often smug and sarcastic in their vain attempts to be witty and sophisticated, though helplessly failing as they are all just liberal red necks.

Those Canadians not attempting to be urbane are crass and coarse, like other English speaking North Americans.
Fucking snooty stuck up Canadian.
by Rossiboy June 18, 2009
A self-righteous and inherently distrustful group of people who envy all things American. Canadians are generally pale-skinned and stupid, and they enjoy taking something American (i.e. "Barnes & Noble") and making a shittier Canadian version of it (i.e. "Chapters"). A typical Canadian suburb is comprised of neatly situated dirt roads and igloos. Canada's chief exports are: (1) douche bags; and (2) donuts. Until recently, Canada was a great place for an American to buy a cheap hand job from a prostitute. However, due to the recent surge in the Canadian dollar, Canada has experienced a dearth of visits from the horny American men who once shot their superior American loads upon the faces and tits of Canadian whores.
Wow! Look at that self-righteous, stupid douche bag. I'm guessing he's Canadian because he is so pale and asshole-ish.
by Anthony08 March 05, 2008