Cheap domestic pale lager in aluminum cans like Budweiser, Coors, Miller, Natural Ice, Pabst Blue Ribbon. Bland, tasteless, and often referred to as piss water hence the name can of piss. These beers can be associated with lame hipsters, dumb girls, and cheap people in general. They can usually be seen in bulk packs at parties used for beer pong.

All in all just horrible, nut up and invest your money on Ales, I.P.A.s, Stouts, or Craft beer.
Person 1: "Hey dude, beer me!"

Person 2: "Sorry bro all I've got is the left over can of piss from my younger brother's party from last night."

Person 1: ".. Never mind."
by mrjonnyringo72 October 16, 2011
Top Definition
Dublin northside saying.
Used to describe a useless person because what good is a "can of piss" to anybody.

you can expand this further by saying: you're some can of monkey piss, donkey piss or even whale piss.
Patch: I dropped your phone in the sink!!
Kevin: You're some can of piss, i tells ya.
by Caoimhin mac Shuille October 17, 2007
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