A popular car model produced by Toyota.
did you see that car he was driving? It was a Toyota Camry!
by loon July 09, 2003
Top Definition
The name of a midsize Toyota sedan; derived from the Japanese word "Kan-muri" which means "little crown" or "beyond compare."

First seen on the 1980 JDM Celica Camry, a four-door RWD sedan based on the Celica, and concurrently used on a line of FWD midsize sedans since 1982.
I drive a Camry.
by John November 26, 2003
Anagram for "My Car", as seen on recent Toyota ads.
I drove the Camry through the streets of Camden.
by DarkDan September 20, 2003
A hadjimobile. The car most preferred by Indian h1b visa holders who come to the U.S. to steal technology jobs.
kowshit tailgated everyone on the highway in his new Camry because he considered himself too important to have to change lanes.
He told the arresting officer that he was an Indian programmer on an H1b visa and therefore not subject to our laws.
by Stan West October 29, 2004
Camry is actually a nickname for Cameron. When someone is called Camry that means the person calling you it is truly in love with you. Cameron will try to act like he hates the nickname, but deep down he loves it. If he drives an acura TL, that is all the proof you need to know he is a true camry <3
i love camry

wheres my camry!?
by pickle :) September 10, 2011
A mindlesly demonic vehicle capable of possessing its operator and all who enter it. Also a famed "shaggin' wagon". Usually comes fills the driver with hatred and anger, much like the ring of power.
A: Yo, stop fucking in my camry.
B: Dude, YOU'RE fucking in the camry.
A: Oh, then why am I so angry?
by Clegis Picayune January 21, 2004
Comes from the ancient latin term "camrius," meaning shitbucket.
Here comes that Camry...can you believe that moron actually still has that?
by Tommy Boy71 February 22, 2009
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