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A late teenager who attends a summer camp with the main reason to gain sexual experience from others not associated with their home town school. The term is most often related to females however can also be used for males. ( i.e "Dude lets hit band camp this year and find some cute campsters!" ) The term seems to have began appearing in summer camps around America shortly after the famed line from American Pie; "This one time at band camp...", and continues to gain increased popularity after the release of similar camp movies such as "Fired Up." The word is often used in contrast with cougar such as; "Man I'm not here looken for any cougar or campster!"
Bro, I met this totally hot campster last night after the movie. I didn't get any sleep.
by Weekend Machine August 04, 2010
A form of hipster, typically found either at a summer camp or in transit to/from said camp. Campsters are marked by their allegiance to Chocos, Keens, Merrils, Toms, Rainbows, or any shoe that was hand-painted. They also tend to carry Camelbacks, grow not-impressive beards, treat swimming in lakes as akin to showering and consider Salute Your Shorts to be the greatest reality show in history. Often seen wearing Silly Bandz traded from younger campers in addition to their superfluous amounts of hand-strung friendship bracelets, Campsters are experts of archery, fishing, making things out of duct tape, making camp fires and know every single cheesy camp song ever (ironically, of course). Don't ask what camp they've just returned from - you've probably never heard of it. It's pretty new and underground, so you'll probably hear of it a few years when it sells out, becomes mainstream and starts buying brand name cereals.
Person A: Dude, where were you last month?
Person B: I was teaching 8 year olds how to break in a wild stallion at this camp I know in Ohio. You've probably never heard of it.
Person A: Wow, you are such a campster
by TopherFHF July 28, 2011
A large, stupid land mammal fond of botanicals.
The campster smoked so much weed that he couldn't count to 3.
by The Authority February 14, 2003
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