To grab a chicks boobs in a high school bathroom...probally better defined as "rape", and then getting arrested for it.
Yo, my bizoy Mali pulled a campione on that chick Chaquita today...the A-Town cops nabbed his ass tho.
by Elliot October 28, 2004
Top Definition
One who is of causcasin decent, and acts black. Often times shrugs his shoulders off.
Yo that fool is totally whack, he is a campione.
by K po November 03, 2004
To fondle a girl in a high school bathroom, usally without her concent...more often than not leads to imprisonment, originated at Amherst High in Buffalo, NY.
Yo, did you here that Scott campioned that chick today? Yeaah man, hes goin to jail.
by John October 26, 2004
Come i padri americani chiamano il figlio brutto nei film e nelle serie TV et cetera et cetera et cetera
Hey, campione!
by Join the navy February 29, 2016
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