Camping is the act of waiting in some sort of hiding spot in a online multiplayer game and killing people as they come by. Usually results in a high kill score and low death score. Most used in call of duty 4.
OMG, that n00b was camping in the alley and pwned me!
by MAJORpizzayne February 18, 2008
A euphamism for anal rape
Hey Katie... wanna go camping (wink wink)
by crispusattucks December 23, 2004
An adjective; synonymous with intense.
Also, amuzingly, camping is in tents.
That trip was camping.
by JaRodMean June 10, 2006
One of many greatly used Counter-Strike tactics.
{Terrorist)stat: right, lets all stay at spawn and pretend we are AFK.
by Shadey May 27, 2003
Person who sits in one spot and shoots people. Most often misinterpreted with Sniper. Also assoicated with n00b.

Also have a tendancy to wine and moan when killed.
Guy1: Fear my 1337 sniping skillz.
by Fury1671 November 08, 2003
Another word for awkward.

Witty things can be said with this phrase;
"This is so camping I might just pitch a tent." Like so.

*Derived from the similarities between the sign language symbol for camping and awkward.
Dating someone who has a lisp and when you're name has several S's in them. So, every time they say you're name you're a little freaked out.

This situation would be referred to as camping, or in non-urban dictionary terms, "awkward".
by Diggum Smack July 10, 2008

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