The act of having sex in the woods with one or multiple partners and/or wild animals
Hey Mei Chao, would you like to go camping with me and ten other guys?
by mei chao May 07, 2008
A time in which one does not shit for an extended period of time, such as two or more days. Because we all know one thing that does not happen while actually camping in nature, and this action is shitting.
Chad: I went camping all weekend.
Helen: Oh, i absolutely hate when i have to go camping.
Chad: Yeah, not crapping for a while sucks.
Helen: I agree.
by Clyfford September 03, 2007
To camp. Staying in one place for an extended period of time to gain an advantage over other players.
Some say it is a cheap strategy. To overcome this, some games have invulnerability for a short period of time after spawn. For instance, in Call of Duty 3, they have invulnerability for about one second.
In my opinion, Camping is an intelligent strategy. How do you think the snipers of WWII got so many kills? Some snipers had up to, but not limited to, 500 kills. One sniper had over 700 confirmed kills.
"Oh, you fucking camping bitch."
"It's a legitimate strategy."
-Red vs. Blue
by Igor_griffin is camping May 22, 2007
The act of hiding behind a wall in an online videogame. When somebody walks in front of the wall, you suprise attack them with them not even knowing who did it so you can continualy "camp".
Daaaaaamn, that nigga be camping!
by haNd1287 April 21, 2004
gay butt sex. jokes. would u tell?
if u got raped by ur buddy while on a camping trip, would you tell?
hello no!
wanna go camping?
by ~violated~ May 15, 2010
While camping is most often used in FPS games, it is also used quite often in MMORPGs, such as WoW or FFXI to explain the act of holding ground on either a single spot or monster in hopes of claiming a rare item or something to that extent. Usually used by players desperate enough for a certain item, or by RMT.
Honest Player: 'I need that sword so bad.. I have no choice but to camp it.'

Chinese RMT Farmer: 'Ah, camping. All in a day's work.' *Leaves ruined economy in his wake*
by Chase McCaskill November 29, 2008
when a man/woman(advancer) continues to make sexual advances on person (advancee)dispite obvious social signals that the advancee is not interested.
He was completely camping on her, eventually she told him ‘I have a boyfriend.’ And of course, she doesn’t.
by Paul H March 18, 2005

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