The act of watching or engaging in Clown Amputee Midget Porn.
While in Mexico we decided to CAMPing was our best use of time.
by 367 June 17, 2011
Camping is when you go to the forest with your family/friends and go back to the basics, however you don't want to go cause it's lame.
"I hate that shit. i've been camping before, it's fucking pathetic. this is 2014 if you aren't in afganistan fighting in the war, go sleep in a fucking house."
by Brant Sativa69 June 23, 2014
While playing any shooting game,
sitting in one spot for a exceedingly long space of time, aiming hopelessly in one direction waiting for people to walk by.
Pro campers use a mine called 'Claymore'
novice campers tend to copy the morris way.
visit for more advice.
omg, he's at spawn sitting in the corner with a noob t... oh wait it's Nick.

when i was camping i achieved a 2 killstreak.

*camping**about to put claymore down* "ah i had a bloody claymore in my hand munahh!" *Groan on mic*
by BIGPACKAGE27 December 10, 2010
When in video games (usually Call Of Duty) a player stays in a corner without moving and shoots anybody the walks by.
Player 1: Kill that guy he's camping in the corner. Hes annoying as shit.

Player 2 : I'll just throw a grenade in their. That'ell make him move.
by Grimmx3 December 30, 2009
An adjective; synonymous with intense.
Also, amuzingly, camping is in tents.
That trip was camping.
by Jules Rodriguez June 12, 2006
Someone who sits in a spot sniping, and coz hes so good at picking off his newbish opposition they call him a camper and kick him.

Although if theyre spawn campign theyre scum and boot their ass!
Player 1: Stop Camping!
Player 2: I'm Sniping Damnit!
by Kammy December 18, 2004
Codeword teenagers use for "go into the woods and get high with friends"
"Hey mom, can I go camping this weekend?"
by Joel.E.Rogers October 27, 2008
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