A term used when a player (in a multi-player game) kills a person when the killer is stationary, in a hidden area for many minutes to wait for a target to get in range for a kill.

Many "pros" use this technique to guard key objectives of the game and hide in areas so obvious they are not and get several kills to loosen the load on the people guarding the "ctf flags" and are wrongfully accused as a person to get easy kills.

Many "noobs" use this technique to get easy kills in areas with virtually no player transit and tends to slow down the game just because of the choice of location.

Many "noobs" accuse "pros" as campers because they cannot understand the fact they just got killed in such a simple way and try to find a reason to justify the "uncommon" act of a person killing them.
Noob1: "d0oo0d 570op t3h h4x0rz1n c4mp1n oh 1 c411 t3h 1337 4dm1n5 omn y0 azz"

Pro1: "I'm not a hacking camper, I'm a perfectly legitimate player that just stopped you from capturing the flag."

Noob2:"h4yz do0od 1 54w5 u h4x c4mp1n s0 uzz b3tt4 g0o 4w4y"

Pro1:"You noobs prevent this very game from ever avoiding the classification of "Worst Player Community" award."

Noob1&2:"uzz ju57 4 n00b n0o0b"
by Genisys Stoopidar July 10, 2008
A person that can't play the game, have to sit at spawn wait to get potentially "RUSHED" and take them out and also people that wait until theres like two guys left on the opposite team until you decide to slowly move.
There are some exeptions though : If your on a team on a big map 1 or 2 "CAMPERS" is ok.
You can't camp if your a "LONE WOLF" because your on your own n your not playing strategicly.
You are outnumbered by more than 3 to 1.
You are defending a bomb PLANT that you recently PLANTED. You have just started playing the game and don't know what the hell to do ( BUT YOU CAN SPECTATE AND LEARN IN TIME) and last (IF YOUR IN A REAL WAR GETTING SHOT AT BY THE TALIBAN AND YOUR REAL-LIFE IS IN DANGER) i Hope the majority of people "UP" this because if your good like me you will know this is correct. And if you "DOWN" this YOU are described in the title. Thank you for reading
Wow that guy was just hid behind that rock listening with his turtle beach at his spawn.
wow can i see a tent, fire and a chain of people singing cum by arr my lord "yes thats that team of campers"
You noob omg he just shot me from his spawn.
by iHateCampers April 19, 2010
Used by restaurant servers to describe a table of people who have completely finished dining, but continue to just sit there for hours and not order anything.
" I can't cash out and go home yet, because those campers at table 15 haven't paid yet!!"

" The wait at the door is so long because of all these campers!"
by bittermel July 10, 2008
The term used to describe:

A) one who camps in a video game (developed by radical anti-camping movements such as in Counter Strike); well known to COD players who've adapted it
B) a camper, who most literally travels to the nearest forest to pitch a tent to hunt squirrels and/or to hug the nearest tree
* see tree-hugger
"Dude, I ran into a lifeless camper gaming the other day!"
"Sucks. What happened?"
"He shot me you moron."

Yeah, Dave's a real camper.
by happycamper93 March 11, 2010
In an office environment, someone who visits your cubicle or office and won't leave after the discussion is over; a visitor who overstays their welcome and "camps" in your workspot; someone who stands in your doorway or cube entrance and won't leave.
1. The guy stayed for an hour in my cube. What a camper!
2. I asked her to stop by to give me the report, but she turned into a camper.
3. When I'm trying to get some work done, I hate campers!
by vmwrites May 08, 2008
When an ugly dude who is brown, but thinks he is white, pretends to last a Zombie apocalypse.
Hey Angad, you stocked up on food and waited. for 1.5 to 2 years. I think that classifies as you being a Camper.
by r1789 April 29, 2011
Also known as "Tactical Positioning", is a term used by the online gaming community (PC, PSN, XBOX Live; usually found in First-person Shooters) to define someone that sits in one particular spot during a game and only kills enemy combatants that come into their field of view. Although it is frustrating for the person who gets killed, Campers provide an excellent service to their teammates when it comes to objective based games (i.e. Capture the Flag, Sector Control/Domination, etc.)

Not to be confused with snipers. The role of a sniper is to take up a position from afar and pick enemies off from a distance and to cover their teammates and call out enemy positions to help the rest of the team. Due to the fact that a sniper is supposed to remain in a particular spot to achieve this, it is somewhat understandable that some people refer to sniping as camping... But those people are idiots because they are upset that running around with an AR or SMG are getting annihilated and make up for their pathetic score by talking smack and sh!t about snipers and campers. LET THIS BE KNOWN: SNIPERS ARE NOT CAMPERS, VICE VERSA.

Majority of the people who badmouth campers are the ones that repeatedly run to the spot where the camper is hiding and gets killed over and over and over trying to kill the camper. In this situation, the non camper is the n00b.
Campers are found in Medal of Honor and Call of Duty MW2/BO
by Bad_Karma_218 December 17, 2010

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