The place in which them two kids
(Beavis and Butthead)have been whacking.
"You look like them two kids that have been whackin' in ma camper."
by Halitosis Crunch December 23, 2004
One who practices the "art" of "tactical movement."
"Ya Know, I find a place and wait until I get a kill, and then I move to another spot." The famous words of DaGodFather aka Deshaies, the greatest CAMPER of all times.
by Burton87 February 16, 2012
Noun; Term used to describe a video game player who's strategy typically involves staying in a pre-determined stealth location for purposes of taking out opponent players who pass by.

The player is usually of low-to-medium skill level and may have been a "noob" in the recent past. The player may falsely assume that this is the next natural step in becoming decent.

Decent players usually know the whereabouts of them, and can take them out with ease.

Highly entertaining to come up behind one and take them out with a humiliating strike such as a throwing knife, punch, etc.

Known to be emotionally unstable players, especially after taken out, due to their strategy and location being exposed. Most players are aware of camping spots and the strategy, but choose not to camp as it is below their standard and a low-life tactic.

Lastly, these types of players usually make the game incredibly boring and slow down the overall pace drastically. Usually end up with higher kill-death ratios but the actual number of kills is not high.
stfu camper, all you do is sit in one spot and think you're good but you really suck monkey balls.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
a sexual position in which the man rolls onto his back and hugs his legs to his chest. he then puts his penis through his legs and the female sits on it. thus the camper
"I got on my back and she camped on me all night long"
"Gigigigigigigigigty she is quite the camper"
by picknic-table lover June 16, 2008
(1) holding the rights to kill a timed MOB in an MMORPG such as AO or EQ

(2) waiting for a MOB to spawn so you could kill it for it's loot
(1) I'm camping Eel for my guild, so back off, kthx.

(2) I've been camping TK for 4 hours to get the rack for my dodga pads
by Toolbox November 08, 2003
A player, usually in an FPS who positions himself somewhere hard to spot and shoot anyone who comes in sight. Camping is often associated with the sniper rifle becouse in most first person shooters the sniper rifle is a ticket to one hit kills. Most players will be annoyed by this becouse even people who have alot of skill and might be on a killing spree can easely be killed by the camper. To camp you don't need any skill at all. But offcourse if you're a skilled player you might need to camp once in a while. But players who camp every round can very easely be called n00bs or newbs

Spawn camping is camping a spawn point. Where the players respawn after death.

Camping in an MMORPG is mostly 'Corpse Camping'. Becouse the player needs to ressurect at his/hers corpse. And another player waiting at the dead players corpse can shoot someone who ressurects, again, again, and again. The difference between this and normal camping is that you can get banned for this.
*player runs around trying to find better weapons and gets shot in the head by a camper*

Player: Omfgwtfcampz0rs gtfo be4 de admin banz yu!!?1111

Camper: Shaddup.

Corpse Camping:
*player gets killed after ressurecting, three times in a row*

Player: /guild omfg I can't ressurect this fucking corpse camper is after me.
by Blackshart October 09, 2006
An SOD Member who repeatedly sits in one spot then waits for you to pop your head out to shoot you. Then when you stop running to catch your breath and shoot SODWolfPack-jr who is then shot and is called a camper by the target.

"Dude that isnt camping your just dumb"
by ][THC][KingLaylow April 14, 2005
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