A term given to anyone who stays in one place and kills other players in an online FPS video game. Sometimes confused with a sniper, or a defensive person. Gets lame when he/she attempts to stay in the same spot the hole match of the game and shots a spawning-point over and over again just to get kills.
"You fucking camper!"

"It's called defence."
by (SIC)Drummer November 07, 2004
In the context of real life someone who spends periods of time in an area, therefore you may even consider your home a campsite.

In the context of video games, mainly first person shooters camping varies, for example in a game like Battlefield 3 or Team fortress 2, taking cover to guard an objective or flag or other such position may sometimes be necessary, however in a game like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 it is considered- with good reason, an illegitimate tactic, mainly because if it's an objective game mode. The camper may leave the objective for the purpose of only gaining kills for himself, or it may occur when they wish to maintain a K/D. With the killspeed of guns in call of duty it only makes sense to frown upon this, since the maps are so tiny in call of duty there is no sniping either.
Xx_Qu33RBOiM4nX_X_X34920385982305803928 has killed Joe Jack using a claymore

Joe Jack: Camper

Xx_Qu33RBOiM4nX_xxxx_X34920385982305803928: AMG LIEK L33RN SKE1LL
by Engineer is spy November 17, 2011
Any group of people that continue to sit at at a restaurant table well after they have finished and paid for their meal.
I can't turn my tables because they are filled with campers.
by server with a smile January 20, 2009
(1)A person who hides near to spawn points in online games to get some quick frags. Snipers are often reffered to as "dirty amping bastards" because people don't like being sniped.

(2) someone who goes camping on a regular basis for their holidays.
(1) That damned cmper keeps killing me.

(2) stupid campers ruined the grass in my field.
by Aratos August 23, 2003
In the context of restaurants , campers are people who socialize at a table or group of tables as their objective, rather than ordering food. Campers will typically order coffee or other beverages and one or two of a party might order a real meal, however their stay will often be two or more hours. Typically 24-hour restaurants like Denny's will be the most common location to find campers, often a group of "regulars". Some waitstaff hate campers because they occupy a table for long periods of time, preventing other customers from being seated there - but other waitstaff recognize that a steady group of campers can represent a steady flow of business, and upon building rapport with the regulars can reap handsome gratuities, as well.
(waitress #1) "I have a bunch of campers at table 7 who have been there 3 hours"
(waiter #2) "Relax, just seat these old folk who just walked in at table 6 and the problem will take care of itself"
by apanthropy December 05, 2006
player, especially in a first person shooter, who plants himself behind doors, in shadowed corners, behind crates, etc. and waits for enemy players to rush by and be shot from behind. Campers are called so because they choose such a spot and will often, for the duration of the game, not move from there or will only move to find a new 'camping' spot. The word is usually used in a derogatory manner, but the strategy is in fact quite legitimate. Happens in real life doesn't it? Snipers are, by default, campers as they have to find that perfect spot where they remain undiscovered and can lay down hellfire upon their enemies from afar.
damn! got n00bed by a camper!! >.<

AMBUSH!! thrice bedamned campers!
by Tenchu April 10, 2006
The scumbags of the fps genre in gaming. Although camping is an legitimate strategy for some modes of the game there are some pricks out there that camp 24/7 regardless of the game mode. Whether it'd be Team Deathmatch or Capture The Flag these retards will just sit there all day hiding and camping a little room with claymores rifles and everything else they can think of. It's douchebags like these fucks that give camping a bad vibe for everyone else when the game mode does call for strategic camping. Especially frustrating for Modern Warfare 2 where the fuckers plant claymores in every entrance for a room during Team Deathmatch.
That guy is such a camper, dickhead camps in Domination CTF and Team Deathmatch.

Omg that noob didn't move for the whole game or even tried to capture the flag what a fucking camper.

Dude that dickhead camper just hid in the room during the whole Team Deatchmatch.
by End of |ine February 03, 2010
Literally speaking, a camper is someone in online games who sits about waiting for somebody to come to them.

I think a more precise definition is somebody who does not have knowledge of an opponents whereabouts/proximity, yet still stays in one place.

It would be accurate to say that the majority of campers have little to no skill, usually they resort to this tactic when they have had enough of being killed playing games 'properly'.

Camping is not considered in the 'spirit' of online first-person-shooters.

People who move around killing could easily do the 'role' of a camper, unfortunately it would be very rare for this to work the other way round.

Campers generally have a high Kill to Death ratio, but will mostly end with less kills and it will be very rare for them to win a match against anything but poor players.

Camping is only partly excusable when player is a sniper or in tactical games, especially ones without re-spawning.
"Why is that guy camping so much - doesn't he get bored?!"

"I'm sure he tried it our way, but failed miserably and has resorted to what you see now."

"But there's a whole game going on out here that campers never see!"

"I know, people should realise you need to lose to get good, not pussy out and camp."
by MrOak January 12, 2010

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