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A person that can't play the game, have to sit at spawn wait to get potentially "RUSHED" and take them out and also people that wait until theres like two guys left on the opposite team until you decide to slowly move.
There are some exeptions though : If your on a team on a big map 1 or 2 "CAMPERS" is ok.
You can't camp if your a "LONE WOLF" because your on your own n your not playing strategicly.
You are outnumbered by more than 3 to 1.
You are defending a bomb PLANT that you recently PLANTED. You have just started playing the game and don't know what the hell to do ( BUT YOU CAN SPECTATE AND LEARN IN TIME) and last (IF YOUR IN A REAL WAR GETTING SHOT AT BY THE TALIBAN AND YOUR REAL-LIFE IS IN DANGER) i Hope the majority of people "UP" this because if your good like me you will know this is correct. And if you "DOWN" this YOU are described in the title. Thank you for reading
Wow that guy was just hid behind that rock listening with his turtle beach at his spawn.
wow can i see a tent, fire and a chain of people singing cum by arr my lord "yes thats that team of campers"
You noob omg he just shot me from his spawn.
by iHateCampers April 19, 2010
21 17
A term given to those in an online multiplayer game (usually FPS) who will place themselves in a strategic position and wait for an extended period of time until a target enters his field of view. The position usually allows one to surprise the target and allows the "camper" to eliminate him with ease. There are variants of this such as camping an item to repeatedly gain its benefits and defending a critical location.

Camping is a perfectly legitimate strategy, but is criticized by a majority of the online community, usually because players get frustrated by being killed in such a fashion, it slows the game down and is considered an unskilful art. Idiots always resort to insulting a camper, who will most likely have a higher score than them. Incompetent admins sometimes kick them and the camper society becomes one of ridicule and resentment.

It isn’t illegal to position yourself in such a way that you have an advantage, that’s smart thinking and its part of the game. Some people need to grow some balls.
*Random moron runs around like a retard and subsequently becomes a campers prey. Camper makes a kill*


I expect the definition to be voted down, but those of intelligence know who is right.
by Daedalus July 27, 2004
2941 1218
A title given to someone who attempts to protect vital objectives in a game while everyone else goes off to get killed individually because they have no concept of "team."

"I'm guarding the flag, you dumbass. Learn to play."
by the other guy January 18, 2004
1013 429
Any gamer who stands in place for more than 3 seconds, or (God forbid) actually croutches. Doing this in Counter-Strike will have everyone on the server hating your guts.
"OMG camper F4G!!"
"OMG fukng camprs!"
by TheFeniX March 20, 2003
663 275
In first person shooters, a cry of outrage at one who was a successful target of a stationary person, usually a sniper
"You expect a sniper to walk around?"
by anonymous June 02, 2003
525 209
Found in online multiplayer games. A camper stays in one spot and waits for enemies to walk past him before attacking.
"You're such a lame camper!"
by Patrick O'Neill October 28, 2002
430 166
Used by very sad and lonely people in online computer games such as MOH. The term used for anyone who should dare to shoot anyone else who belongs to a 'clan'. Whatever you do... if you should happen to be walking upto a door and it opens from the other side.... DO NOT shoot the person coming through... you will be called a camper! No matter how 'lucky' you were, you are a camper! Under no circumstances attempt to plead your innocence, the 'clan' members will gang up on you and get you kicked! You can't win.

To avoid being a 'camper', run around like a headless chicken waiting to be shot by an experienced 'clan' gamer.... who will then call you a n00b!
you god damm camper fag
by n00b_man! July 15, 2004
373 252
Refering to online multiplayer shooters where a person sits in one tiny area usually a corner or the window of a building watching only a small portion of the map directly in front of them. These people get few kills because they never move, but will more than likely kill anyone who walks within that small portion of the map they control.
"Damn these campers dude I can't even fucking walk out of our spawn!"

"There is a camper in the corner next to the brown house."
by Spreed November 30, 2009
129 33