(1) holding the rights to kill a timed MOB in an MMORPG such as AO or EQ

(2) waiting for a MOB to spawn so you could kill it for it's loot
(1) I'm camping Eel for my guild, so back off, kthx.

(2) I've been camping TK for 4 hours to get the rack for my dodga pads
by Toolbox November 08, 2003
Well placed online gamer that doesn't move for whole rounds specialises in stab kills and long range grenading and master snipering , most famous spots suburb , barrel room , top of the train , skip , cars and generally anywhere they can pitch a spot and go down like legends ! The most notable campers ever are MOC, Masters of Camping bunch of fucking legends!

STABBBBBBBBBBBBB KILLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by MOC.Owen September 23, 2009
someone who holds the smoking device (joint, bong, bowl, blunt, apple, can/bottle) for an inappropriate amount of time
"dude quit being a camper!"- jex tryan

"what r u talkin about" schmiff floop

"your campin on the bowl"-jex tryan

"o my bad friend"=schmoof flip
by Peachfuz Lamberskin III September 05, 2009
Definition 1
Noun: a vehicle without an engine or means of moving besides being towed. The vehicle is equipped with sleeping space and kitchen. Often used for vacations or as cheap housing.
Definition 2
Noun: a person who attends a camp or goes camping.
Definition 3
Noun: a person in a multiplayer game (usually a massively multiplayer online game) who hides in a tactically advantageous spot near a spawn point (or start) as such they can rack up kills like no one's business. Term is often pejorative.
Example 1: it must be 112 degrees in that damn camper.
Example 2: OK witch one of you campers stole my tent.
Example 3: fucking campers. I can't get 5 steps from spawn before I'm dead.
by don_h August 19, 2009
Someone who sits at your table in your section at work after there done eating and wont get the fuck up.
Look at those campers there they wont get the fuck you.
by sharkyspier March 24, 2009
Person in an online FPS who actually puts some thought into the game. The people who camp are generally regarded as low-life noobs who have no skill by the very people they kill (usually 10th or 15th Prestige faggots who think they're invincible).

The only reason campers have a bad name is because of the people who constantly sit in the enmy spawn (aka spawn camping) or next to a weapon/vehicle spawn point to whore dozens of kills with said weapons.

If you've ever played Demolition in CoD, you will often find the defending team camping it up and living the good life while the people who rush start crying and whining about their now negative KDR for the match.

Before you bitch about it being lame, try it out and see how many kills you get.
15th Prestige douchebag: meh, you're nothing but a supressor-using camper bitch.

Random dude form other team: That is the reason you lost.....By the way thanks for the Attack Dogs, Blackbird, and Care Package you let me earn.

15th Prestige douchebag: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!
by AL_PS3 March 29, 2011
Camping is a method of sniping, usually used on fps style games. it genrally involves standing crouching or lying prone in a high spot with a good vantage point or view. campers are genrally disliked by the online gaming community due to an apparent lack of skill, however is their more skill in carefully picking of other players or rushing in like a noob and getting shot, if the noob approach is more skillfull why do you die more often? because of this campers are often targited for abuse by the more moronic players of the gameing community. campers are often referred to as noobs no-matter the skill used in targeting amoving target and takeing them out, one shot one kill
camper sits in wait, like crouching tiger. unwary prey runs like headless chicken, camper strikes, now chicken really headless. this is skill

OMG fukin camper fight like a man
by dispicable March 31, 2008
1. In an FPS game, a player who gets a sniper rifle and sits in a strategic location in order to kill the unsuspecting players below.
2. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, a person who plays as Samus and sits on the edge of the stage spamming missles the whole game. Also called a missle whore.
1. OMG That camper just sniped me!
2. Stop camping, you F***ing missle whore!!!
3. OMFG U F***ING CAMPER IM GONNA KILL U! (a n00b's reaction to getting owned by a skilled FPS camper)
by the roaming huggykyle February 26, 2006

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