(1) holding the rights to kill a timed MOB in an MMORPG such as AO or EQ

(2) waiting for a MOB to spawn so you could kill it for it's loot
(1) I'm camping Eel for my guild, so back off, kthx.

(2) I've been camping TK for 4 hours to get the rack for my dodga pads
by Toolbox November 08, 2003
Illness often experienced by people who refer to themselves as camp counselors.

Symptoms Include:

-feelings of constantly being followed around by groups of children

-sleep deprivation

-hearing simple, repetitive questions such as, "What are we doing next?" and "When's pool time?"

-finding minor lapses in personal hygiene completely acceptable

-need to make up code words to use in place of inappropriate words and phrases

-fire addiction

-frequent yelling

-bouts of complete insanity

-darkening of exposed areas of skin

Campers is most prevalent in the summer and often goes into multiple, brief periods of remission (often after week-long periods of symptoms) before finally going away.
I can't, I have campers.
by The_Hawk July 31, 2009
A term given to anyone who stays in one place and kills other players in an online FPS video game. Sometimes confused with a sniper, or a defensive person. Gets lame when he/she attempts to stay in the same spot the hole match of the game and shots a spawning-point over and over again just to get kills.
"You fucking camper!"

"It's called defence."
by (SIC)Drummer November 07, 2004
Usually in Multi-player games, a player who will "camp" by a spawn point, in order to kill a player almost instantly after he/she has respawned. This, is a perfectly legal tactic, however it is very much unfair. these problems are somtimes prevented by game features such as invicablity fo (X) amount of time after the player has spawned. Campers are usually unexperienced players or noobs, who can not win the game, so they use this method insted of obtaining victory through skill.
*player A moves to enemy spawn point*

*Player B is killed, respawns, then is quickly killed by player A, who is "camping by the spawn point*

this continues as insults are exchanged, mostly about the camper being a noob.
by Ruppy September 23, 2005
While camping is, in fact, a legit strategy, it does make for boring game play. If a person wishes to devote their life to waiting and not moving (apparently some people get off on winning and not actually playing the game to it's fullest extent) then that's their business. They are just creating an unfriendly game where winning at any cost is the sole purpose. Campers will often resort to hacks as well if their camping fails to achieve them victory.

The bane of the camper is having his weapon of choice removed from his arsonal usually resulting in his defeat (should he not quit the game first).

Campers also find themselves tiring of a game sooner than others because they experience the same game play their entire time camping. This results in the purchasing of a new game where a new camping location will, without a doubt, draw the attention of the camper, where he will then repeat the process above.
Player A - "Well I was having fun until that camper joined."
Host - "Yeah, I'll just remove sniper rifles."
(Camper Leaves)
Host - "There we go, back to a good game."
by Phil April 03, 2005
A person in a first person shooter who claims to "play defensively". By this they mean sit and wait in one spot, usually crouched behind some sort of obstacle only revealing their head.

The other people who actually fight for their kills run in there, just to get killed by a camper.

Some people call this type of play "strategic" and "smart" however this type of play is used by people who are afraid to get killed in a videogame.

Campers are basically people who sit and wait for an opponent to come into their site of vision to spray hordes of bullets killing them in their path. Or in other words ruining the game for everyone else.

Note: Some of these campers tend to use noob tubes, and heart beat sensors.
"BOOM HEADSHOT!!! IM SO GOOD AT THIS GAME!!! Im so good Im getting an erection!" says the camper.

"Wow dude just wow, fucking camper kills me when I was about to get nuke. I hope someone poisons your marshmallows, or a wild bear attacks your camp site you FAG! CAMPER!!!" says the irritated person who was just killed by the camper.
by X_anonymous314_X January 31, 2010
A person playing a FPS that sits in one place for extended periods of time, usually in a corner or easily defensible postion using the statistically best weapon like the FAMAS in Black ops. In certain objective gametypes such as domination it is a a valid way to win but in gametypes like Team Deathmatch that are non-objective it is inexcusable and shows a complete lack of skill.
Guy1 "There is a 13 year old kid being a camping tryhard with a famas in the corner by the tower."

Guy2 "Fucking camper, I bet he has claymores all over the place too."
by Delta Zebra September 19, 2011
a term given to an annoying one night stand who will not leave your place the next morning. Instead, they camp in your bedroom or home and treat it as if it were theirs. Even if you give the signal that it is time for them to go, they will not leave – even after several hours. There are several stages to be aware of:

Stage 1 Camper: (Still there 30 min after you are awake) You realize she/he is awake so you pretend you are asleep. If she stays awake and waits for you to wake up, you have a stage 1 camper. Not bad because she/he may just be waiting for you to wake to say bye. If not, she is preparing her camping gear.

Stage 2 Camper: (1 hour after being awake) Pretending you are asleep failed and now you both are "awake". She/he begins a lengthy conversation about random crap that has nothing to do with the night before. If they keep talking that means they are unpacking their gear and setting up their tent.

Stage 3 Camper: (1-2 hours) The chit chat extends for more than an hour or so and she/he turns on the TV. Now their tent is up and they are planning on staying.

Stage 4 Camper: (2-3 hours) She/He begins to talk about breakfast and asks what you have. Oh boy, their tent is fully furnished at this point. Firewood gathering is next.

Stage 5 Camper: (3+ hours) You have had breakfast and if she doesn't leave within 20-30 minutes afterwards, you have a severe situation on your hands. The camp has been completely set up and the firewood is burning.
You wake up from a long night of partying to a girl/guy in your bed. They don't leave within the first half hour and instead begin to control your TV, check social media sites on your computer, ask what you have for breakfast, and even ask to watch a movie. They are camping out and can be considered a camper.
by Campologist March 03, 2011
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