(1) holding the rights to kill a timed MOB in an MMORPG such as AO or EQ

(2) waiting for a MOB to spawn so you could kill it for it's loot
(1) I'm camping Eel for my guild, so back off, kthx.

(2) I've been camping TK for 4 hours to get the rack for my dodga pads
by Toolbox November 08, 2003
Refering to online multiplayer shooters where a person sits in one tiny area usually a corner or the window of a building watching only a small portion of the map directly in front of them. These people get few kills because they never move, but will more than likely kill anyone who walks within that small portion of the map they control.
"Damn these campers dude I can't even fucking walk out of our spawn!"

"There is a camper in the corner next to the brown house."
by Spreed November 30, 2009
A camper is usually found in any online FPS game, most commonly in Call of Duty 4. Such person will sit in one spot for as long as they can just aiming at a door, window, etc. They will wait for someone to get within sight of them and will easily pick them off. While it is understandable to camp in tactical games or objective games, such as Search and Destroy, in game modes such as Team Deathmatch, it shows that the camper probably doesn't have the skill to go out and move around trying to kill people. Many people look down on campers, even in objective-based games. They believe that it is cheap and that they have no skill in the game. Especially if they have certain guns/perks such as shotgun, juggernaut, etc.
That guy just sits in the same place the entire match waiting for people to go near him. He's such a camper.
by zuawg January 26, 2009
Derogatory term used for someone who can actually master the team aspect fo most games, but has no one else to use this aspect with. "Campers" generally are seen in FPS games, especially ones based on a team mindset. These campers normally defend an objective, or wait for a tactical advantage.
OMG, he shot me in the back! Camper!!!

You're defending the objective? Go kill someone, camper!
by 4g3nt_smith February 10, 2004
A derogatory term used primarily in online shooters. Usually a person of little skill and pride, An epidemic in the online community, the scourge of online play, a disease or parasite that feeds on normal skilled players run and gun play style. A person that calls hiding in a corner strategy. A person that thinks the television is magically going to suck them into the game and give them a reason to fear for their life. A camper is a player or players who find a suitable location, then proceed to set up a tent and start a nice fire, from there they laugh and tell jokes while roasting marshmallows. From their location they usually have an amazing view of the map or level. They can easily pick people off and stroke their partners penis between kills.
Cod Player- You camping little bitch!
Camper- Its called strategy, and it makes me feel like a big man!
Cod Player- Thats what I told your mom last night you pussy ass camping faggot!
by CallMeWebster April 29, 2010
A move done in Halo games and Cock of Duty "Call of Duty" games. A sack of shit who sits and waits for someone to come by and he kills them. 80% of campers masturbate while waiting and for someone to walk by. Most are eating fast food items off their belly while laying on the couch. If they aren't camping then they are standing in the open for all to see and will get killed costing their team the game. No one knows the real truth behind this standing out in the open not doing anything but some experts believe it's due to them taking a break from the game so they can use their banana fingers to dip a french fry in some ketchup, bbq sauce, or straight up jizz. It is estimated 50% of campers rock the foundations of their home whenever taking a shit. Also, it is estimated 75 to 80% wear helmets while eating breakfast fast food and while sleeping.
Wow this camper is an asshole who won't actually go around and earn his kills me actually doing something.
by The Informant99 January 05, 2012
a word commonly used in the gaming scene to define a player that will hide in one position the length of the game. No skill is required to do this and is generally irritating to other players. The 'camper' however believes they are the best player in the game.
Deso is such a camper in the last free-for-all match on COD black ops
by darkness-007 November 21, 2010
A person who constantly waits in a dark or hard to see area, popping out to score an easy kill on a passerby.
Skim always camps with the auto sniper
by blah January 26, 2005

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