(1) holding the rights to kill a timed MOB in an MMORPG such as AO or EQ

(2) waiting for a MOB to spawn so you could kill it for it's loot
(1) I'm camping Eel for my guild, so back off, kthx.

(2) I've been camping TK for 4 hours to get the rack for my dodga pads
by Toolbox November 08, 2003
adjective: Used to describe any situation or event that was intense
reasoning: campers are in tents
Damn, that movie Kids was straight up campers.
by Dillon Allbline May 07, 2007
Person who loiters for extended periods of time while waiting for something to happen, especially for monetary gain. Usually found in online games.
R0dn3y is a noob camper.
by Fakie May 04, 2003
A person most often playing a FPS game who will sit in a place where an enemy will not see them, and most likely shoot the enemy from behind or when they cannot see them. People who camp are most often players who do not have the skills to move around carefully and fairly fight the enemy because they lack the skills to do so. Camping a keypoint for a certain amount of time is a good tactic. Camping any position for a whole round is saught as cowardly and skilless.
A person who sits in one place.
by Wendell March 08, 2005
a coward on a FPS game, who waits and hides in a spot where no enemy will see him, and with no enemy to kill or be killed by, will gain the same points his hard working teammates EARNED.

a camper is always a waste of time unless he is doing it with teammates to cover an objective, then it is strategy.

if the entire team is out killing badguys, and they all get killed, the camper, who is in no danger whatsoever, and wasting valuable playing time is a loser. and probabally bought his "high level" account on e-bay
its not even worth it trying to teach these camping fags that it ruins the others gameplay. if everyone camped, then what?
by -Chad August 13, 2005
A person sitting out in the bush with his weapon waiting for an unsuspecting person to come by him. this is experienced in online gaming such as counter-strike in cs_assault where the entire map is filled with goddamn lame ass pussy camping hoes in every corner of the map with most likely an awp. these players will sit there the whole round doing nothing but play with their dicks waiting for everyone one else to move, but since the rest of the community is camping...we have one massive geek orgy over the net.
*DEAD*1337est here: u both suxor u nooblahs! ^^
by sY|iX March 15, 2004
Someone who hides or "stays" in one place for a long period of time (usually in first person shooter games), waiting for an unsuspected enemy to walk past to direct a lame kill "see lamer", mostly unskilled players who only want to earn points for themselves in a game camp, without really benefiting their team or playing fair at all.In most games camping will eaither get you kicked or hated in a game.
"Jimmy is such a lamer camper..."
by Phantom October 03, 2003
camper=a member of SOD who camps in a single spot the whole map cause he/she is canadian..the said camper then talks shit to the non campers to make up for the fact that canada is gay.....
SODWolfpac_Jr: haha you got owned n00b. get in that hole, u got owned .....

]THCKinglaylow: the hole i refer to, is the one i used to F*CK you momma on toast last night u camper
by ][THC][ From the team thnx SOD April 14, 2005

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