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Co-op on Alder Street in Eugene, OR. Directly across the street from the University of Oregon. Some of the most raging parties in the city have gone down here. When analyzed objectively, one can only conclude that this co-op is a "hipster frat." People who live at this co-op tend to not like the Eugene Police Department because a lot of weed goes in and out of the building, which means that disputes are settled by any means possible that don't involve calling the police. Chores are assigned to residents, but nobody does their chores, which means a select few people end up doing all the work. The sink is always full of messy dishes. The Campbell Club is a crazy, adventurous place.
-Dude 1: "Yo bro, theres this hot chick with dreads who lives at the Campbell Club. I totally want to get with this chick."
-Dude 2: "Just say you believe in some liberal cause."
-Dude 1: "Word."
by bootysaxlick January 12, 2014
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