occasionally spelt Campaspe,Cam or Cammy; ancient Greek for "love at first sight" or english for "the cutesy quirky small gurl over there that has size two feet and will kill anyone for stealin her name..oh and also has a strong desire for cwissy's and is against the term giddy kipper" Name and its theory came from the story of a painter who fell for the looks of a gurl the king desired, named campasme a long long time ago.
set the scene: boy meets gurl 4 first time.
campasme: lemme guess... youve fallen in love with me?
boy: *humpth* yer ....
cammy:dnt worry it happens all the time....

......btw i dont love myself
by campasme December 01, 2003
Top Definition
I think it means "an arrogant, mindless female"
See the previous definition. It's all the example you need!
by A Pseudonym To Fool Him March 13, 2005
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