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the best camp in the whole entire world. if you go there then you have had the most amazing summers of your life and if you dont then you are a loser. it is the home of some of the most amazing japs in the universe. it is for rich people. but even though the people are jappy and stuff they are the most amazing people in the world who go the most amazing camp in the universe
"MATOAKA IS THE BEST THING ON THE PLANET. FUCK YOU VEGA GIRLS. psh, with out pink cabins, we rock!"
"you dont go to camp matoaka?! haha. loser"
by camp matoaka October 21, 2007
THE most awesome, incredible place on earth. Anyone who has not been there is so missing out. Home of college league, sing, banquet, the PAC, and the entire world's best chocolate chip pancakes. Also home of the world's best JAPS <3.
Camp Matoaka beats Vega at everything they do!

OMG camp matoaka starts tomorrow!

I wonder who will win camp matoaka's college league!!!
by matoakalover194 February 18, 2011
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