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the sweetest guy in the WORLD and from the band allstar weekend and plays bass and his smile can mean 1,000 words and he dosent break hearts.he loves the song in DA club by 50 cent and his faviourte animal is a giraffe and loves his animals he is currently on tour with Selena Gomez and the scene.he loves children once he wanted to steal some because they were soo cutee :)
person 1:do you know who cameron quiseng is

person 2: yeah hes the sweetest guy ever and when he looks you in the eyes its like hes looking into your heart.

person 1:hes gonna be my husband some day i cant wait :)
by redbabe August 01, 2011
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really awesome band member of Allstar Weekend. hot.
"Did you see Cameron Quiseng last night?!"

"Yeah he's so HOT and AWESOME!!"
by feefifofum12345 May 08, 2010
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