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hot, vine famous, cute, very funny, fun to be with and hang around. Takes dares, brave, isn't afraid to do anything, and or say anything.
by vine_famouse November 20, 2013
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A 19 year old with an amazing personality and body. He is so hot sometimes I cant breath. His vines are hilarious and so are uis yourube videos. He just joined Awsomeness TV and will be working in movies and tv-shows. His face can cause orgasms so be careful while looking at his shirtless pics
Newborn: Hey do you know Cameron Dallas

You: Yeah hes the hottest person ever and will be the father of my kids
by LukesBabyMamma May 20, 2014
a useless no good vine famous douche who every typical white girl is in love with because "he's hot" making them shallow human beings to like someone just for their looks Not to mention unhealthy obsessions and fandoms.
Cathy: Omg I love Cameron Dallas!
Tom: *bitch slap* you stupid
by REALITY OF THE MATTER November 11, 2014

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