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opposite of camel toe
when a man has on tight pants and has a visible lump in the crotch area.
That male ballet dancer is sportin' a serious camels hump.
by danielle November 12, 2003
38 9
The shit Jackie Chan was eating in Rush Hour while talking to Chris Tucker.
Tucker: Man, what you got me eating?
Chan: That's eel.
Tucker: What you got?
Chan: Camel's hump
Tucker: What?
Chan: Camel's hump
by pbanto August 05, 2008
34 4
A girl that outweighs John Candy.
I got my ass kicked by a camel's hump.
by zack February 23, 2003
12 20
When usually a guy comes up to a girl and grabs her shoulders and pokes her is the ass with his knee.
Omg! Josh just camel humped me!
by punky July 18, 2003
5 25
because camels... becase camels they just hump.
my camel humped my dad!
by cricaca June 05, 2003
5 40