An image of a camel's hoof caused by pants which fit so tightly as to expose the labia major through the fabric. While this is a fairly commonly known phenomenon, what most men do NOT know is that a Camel Toe can produce a tiny orgasm when I a woman attempts to walk whilst wearing such tight pants.
"I bought this really tight pair of jeans the other day and when I was walking to the bus, the Camel Toe gave me a cute little orgasm!"
by Urban Dictionary January 10, 2004
Camel Toe, Also known as Cameltosis, when a woman has over sized lips and they droop down, looks like a camel toe, sometimes they'll wear pants so tight you can see there clitoris, looks like a little penis; "cameltosis"
"Damn, that bitch has a major case of "Cameltosis"

"Look at those fuckin "Camel Toes"
by Jcollins8008 December 05, 2006
The act of having sexual intercourse with the crotch of your pants. Usually existing in "yoga pants" or spandex.
Wow, Renee is really getting it on with her camel toe.
by Mandster February 02, 2008
when a females genitalia is being split, agonisingly, in two by her pants which have been pulled up, simon cowell style, underneath her sweating, dogmuff pits (anyone with a camel toe must have dog muff pits). why women do this is something i would like to know babes
wheeey, camel toe
by dog muff May 27, 2009
A song often played by the Bob and Tom Show whis is syndicated out of Indianapolis, IN
Stu: Hey Yo what cha listening to?
Pidaso: Bob and Tom, Yo!
Stu: They playin' Camel Toe again?
Pidaso: Are you a dumb shit! Of course they are, that's all that is played!!!!
by Chee Dog sq4 April 24, 2003
a Camel Toe is a Wedgie except from the front of you. more as, not in the butt, the penis/vagina.
"oh !@#$!! that guy just gave me a camel toe!! thats gonna KiLL in the morning!!"
by rachazinanion June 12, 2009
camel toe is a phenomenon caused when middle aged ladies, women with no sense of style, and several varieties of the white trash subspecies attempt to wear pants that are:

a) far too small
b) pulled up too high
c) were made between 1981-1986

please note that the occurrence of the camel toe is not limited to, although commonly found with, any "acid washed" fabric and tapered pant legs.
that girl is bustin some real camel toe
by camel toe observer July 25, 2003
When a chic gets her pants wedged in her stank ass pussy.
The librariean had crazy camel toe.
by Jon Simon December 18, 2002

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